Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is something wrong with him?

we had our first sick baby doctors appt. today, im happy to say that he is 9lbs 4oz now! shes pretty confidant that nothing is wrong with him except for the normal reflux but she is scheduling him for an ent (to see if he has laryngomalacia) and an ultrasound (to rule out pyloric stenosis). he had a couple of raunchy diapers while we were there but the doc didn't seem to think anything of it...i guess im just used to his normal semi gross ones. she suggested trying the rice cereal mix to see if it works if not we'll put him on reglan or zantac. hopefully he starts getting better, i hate seeing him sick :(

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a bad day and im not crazy

today started off well except for the usual exhaustion, JAS wanted to get up about 8:30 and no matter how many times i put his pacifier in his mouth he wouldnt settle down so i got up at 9. he ate at 12 as usual but at his 3:00 feeding things started going south. he ate his normal 4 oz (with burping at every 2) and managed to keep it down with some really good burps. he laid on me for a few minutes and then started making "the face". now every mom knows this face, the lower lip starts puckering and their eyes get real wide and you just know in your gut that they are about to puke. i got the burp rag ready and boy was i surprised when it was projectile, the towel was about 3 inches from his face but the formula bounced off of it and right back down on him. now here is the part that i guess i should mention, ive had a fear since i was a little kid of people throwing up. seeing someone else or hearing, or even thinking about someone else throw up makes me queasy and i freak out so of course my little man made me a little queasy. i spent 1 hour on the phone with the nurse help line trying to figure out if its ER material but she told me to just give him little amounts of formula at a time and call the pediatrician tomorrow. anyone who knows my little guy should know that he isnt very happy with just little amounts, if he doesnt get his full feeding he will scream and scream. i hope he doesnt vomit anymore, it scares the crap out of me. well, i went online to figure out if maybe hypnotherapy would help me with my fear and i found out that its an actual legitimate phobia, 6th most common in the UK! all these years i thought i was alone and crazy and it turns out that im one of many! im glad that its a legitimate phobia because if its real then it can be treated. anyway, i may not write a whole lot in this blog...ive never really been good at blogs.