Wednesday, December 9, 2009

im baaaack

sorry for being gone so long. its been pretty busy and stressful around here. im now 15 1/2 weeks prego and we have our gender scan the 19th. really looking forward to it. went to the ER on the 15 because my cervix had softened and i was bleeding a bit…Jackie says everything is ok tho. she really thinks im going to be ok. the baby is doing good and i got to hear the heartbeat a couple weeks ago (finally)! Jordan was DJ Lance Rock for halloween and Josh sported his “drill instructor” costume…basically his Marine Corp uniform with a fake helmet. Mike and Heather and the kids came over and watched Paranormal Activity. Tessa was a flower and Hunter was a pilot. Josh and Jordan recently have mohawks and ive lost a LOT of weight. will update with Christmas photos when i can. :) the last 4 months as quick as possible in pictures LOL


Mommys baby


Everyone at Thanksgiving


3 of us at Thanksgiving


Jordan and Josh


  Jordan in front of the tree


Last but not least….my 15 week belly