Sunday, March 23, 2008

another week, soon new dr

made it through another week, it hasn't been as severe (so far) but im still feeling sick pretty much every day. ive had a headache that has lasted DAYS now (only goes away for a few hours a day). i made it through Easter with the family yesterday (barely) and have been suffering most of the day. im calling a new GI dr tomorrow and am going to go to UTMB to see if they can help. its just so dang irritating to hear a specialist say "we've done all the tests (no they haven't) and we cant figure out whats wrong. theres nothing else we can do for you besides the medications you're already on". he basically slapped the IBS label on me and then dismissed me. i HAVE to figure out whats wrong so i can get back to the sweetest things in life (most of the time) SEE BELOW :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008


he screamed (did you expect anything less?) and when it was all over he had a nice warm bath. i couldn't get the sides and back so josh will have to do those later but i did do the top and around the ears and neck. i think it looks good if i do say so myself :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

hate seeing him get shots :(

had his 2 month appt today and he is really healthy and growing like a weed. he is 24 inches (75%) 12 lbs 6 oz (50%) and his head is 40 cm (50%) he screamed bloody murder when they were giving his shots (he got at least 4) and has been fussy all afternoon. the Tylenol has been helping tho but it seems to wear off sooo fast. hopefully ill have good luck at my appt tomorrow, im having my follow up with the gi doctor. i can barely understand what he says (his English isnt that great) but maybe ill get the all clear that im getting better. i have been a little less nauseous since i stopped the antibiotic but still getting the occasional nausea..i guess that'll stop once my esophagus heals :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

and it all continues

started feeling bad again last night but this time it was worse because we have the baby back. josh had to take care of him all night. i really hate feeling sick and im beginning to think that i may have to do more than watch my diet and take medications. there is a procedure where they tighten the lower esophageal sphincter so that the reflux will stop, im think i may have to end up getting that done because the meds arent really working :( today i feel a little better but im scared because the nausea could come back at any moment and josh cant help me tonight because he has to be at work in the morning. i really hope i dont have to live the rest of my life like this, my quality of life just sucks right now.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

trying out the walker

Tried out the walker today, he seemed to like it for a little while but got tired of it. had to put something underneath him so his feet could touch and he did real well holding his head up :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

visits with mommy

hospital visit

Monday March 3rd:

had a gut feeling that i needed to go to the ER (i had been nauseous non stop for about 12 hours) we got there and i was NOT feeling good. finally got a bed and they kept trying to get my nausea to stop. finally a high dose of phenergan with some toradol did the trick. had to drink contrast dye to get ready for my cat scan, that stuff is soooo nasty especially when you're nauseous. i wouldn't recommend anyone ever getting a cat scan...I've had 2this last week. the cat scan came back normal but they decided to admit me anyway. had a room all to myself and the night nurse was really nice. i was still pretty nauseous so they gave me the iv antibiotics and anti emetic and also a sleeping pill. i slept really good :)

Tuesday March 4th:

more of the same stuff, slept most of the day. found out who my new primary care physician is and found out that a GI specialist would come see me.

Wednesday March 5th:

GI doctor showed up really early to see me, i was still really groggy from the sleeping pill but from what i remember he was kinda puzzled about what is wrong with me. later in the day i found out i was getting a colonoscopy and this is what i wrote.

"well, this is my third day in the hospital so far and between bitchy day nurses, never ending nausea, and horribly nasty stuff i keep having to drink i am very miserable. josh says to think of it as a hotel room but hotels don't have this crappy of room service. i cant wait to be out of here, hopefully i can eat again at that time. i would love to be able to put food in my mouth and not have anxiety about whether or not it will make me sick. i guess i should be optimistic after all, i was able to keep the nasty contrast dye down (twice) it probably wouldn't have been so horrible if i hadn't been extremely nauseous at the time. I'm having my colonoscopy tomorrow and hopefully theres just a blockage in there and once its out ill be 100% again. this whole things has just been a nightmare for me, i cant imagine much worse than being nauseous all the time (24/7 labor might be as bad or worse) i just really really miss jordan right now. i feel so guilty that i cant take care of him but i know that i have to take care of myself if i want him to continue to have a mother. I'm glad to know hes in good hands, family has really been a godsend i couldn't have gotten through this without them. Katherine has taken on sooo much responsibility for him and even tho i know she enjoys it because hes her grandson i also know that shes a pretty busy woman and this has been interfering with her normal life. i wish josh could be here for me tho, i know he cant but it would be sooo nice to have that emotional support right now. hopefully my medical bills wont bankrupt us, hospital visits are so expensive and we were just struggling to get by as it was. i don't know what were going to do now, I'm pretty scared and stressed. I'm worried that everything we have worked for to get to this place will all come crashing down."

later that day i found out that i had a choice of laxatives to drink...either a GALLON of laxative or a 10 oz bottle of laxative mixed with sprite and 4 dulcolax pills. which option do you think i took? boy was it hard to even get that bottle down, at one point i thought i was gonna puke but when i started to gag all that came out was air...a lot of air came out of me that night. boy, running to the bathroom with diarrhea while attached to an iv really sucks.

Thursday March 6th:

was woken up about 6ish and was told that since i hadn't gone potty since before midnight i needed an enema...i wish i coulda just had that in the first place but nooooo i had to drink nasty ass laxative. went down to the outpatient surgery suite and waited for the dr, "woke up" a couple of hours later in my own bed (don't you love amnesia drugs?) and called josh to come get me. got home and was still dealing with running to the bathroom (damn laxative) and feeling slightly nauseous. starting to see a pattern of nausea, slept on the couch the whole night with my bucket beside me just in makes me feel better knowing its there. i guess less anxious.

Friday March 7th: (today)

had some really weird dreams last night, woke up slightly nauseous. finally started to get up and around, went out to smoke and noticed that i would get a stomach spasm just before i got nauseous...hmm, decided id try to eat some (if i could keep contrast dye and laxative down then i shouldn't have any problem with food) its been a while and so far so good. i think ill go have another cigarette and try to eat an apple. hopefully i can get back to taking care of JAS soon, i miss the little guy :)