Sunday, December 19, 2010

that busy time of year again

seems like once august is over things spin into fast forward almost instantly. I cant even imagine what things are going to be like once the boys start school…they are already incredibly insane. thanksgiving was ok, running around everywhere as usual. seems like we never get as much done during those few days as we would like. im so lucky that josh gets to be off most holidays, the boys love having him home and, well, so do i. black friday was a bad weather day but I drug out and went to a couple places to get some deals on christmas presents. I made sure to avoid places like walmart and , god forbid, the mall. we had family pictures done for the first time over thanksgiving week. we had been needing to take some for SO long! j was uncooperative as usual but we were able to get some really good ones, I look forward to getting some more. the boys are pretty sick right now, they picked up rsv from somewhere and it caused them to get bronchiolitis and ear infections. j seems to be close to getting over it but c still has a ways to go. c is a lot better than he was tho so im not quite as worried. ill try to update some after christmas and then j’s birthday party. ready for the sickness to go away and relax a little!!! maybe a nap??


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