Sunday, February 5, 2012

A small break

Sometimes I forget what it is like to be a parent to only one child. It is SO much easier LOL! My mom took Jordan for a couple of days because we were not getting along…boy was it quiet around here. I took Caleb to a couple places around here to try to get some good photos of him but he wasn’t very cooperative. Friday we also had his meeting with the allergist. We really wanted to have Atopy Patch Testing done but she's pretty against it. She claims that she has been to all of the conferences where it has been talked about and that she has also read a lot of literature stating that it is inconclusive, easily botched and just not a good diagnostic tool. I’m a little bummed but I know I could find someone else to do it if it came down to it. She is putting in a referral to a dietician so that we can figure out creative ways to feed him his safe foods and also to meddle through all the different types of foods (oils, starches, lecithin, etc., etc.). She is also putting in a referral to GI. We really didn’t want to take Caleb to GI because we know he is pretty healthy and we don’t think having a scope or something done would show much but at least it would completely rule out EI. We are sure on the FPIES diagnosis but its never 100% until you do the biopsy. We began trialing almond and we are on our 3rd day. So far so good but I'm still really nervous!


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