Saturday, January 30, 2010

catching up (again)!

things have been good, have started working through my issues and my anxiety and panic is almost totally under control. of course i still have some bad days but its so nice to be able to make spur of the moment decisions again. i can just grab my purse and go out the door. i took that for granted before i got sick. never again! i feel so blessed every time im able to do something “normal” again. im past the halfway mark in my pregnancy, 23 weeks tomorrow. jordan is so excited that he is going to have a little…..BROTHER!! caleb is doing well in there and growing bigger all the time. hes a very busy boy just like jordan so i think they will get along famously!! jordans birthday was a hit, he had such a good time. it was so nice to see everyone :)

caleb’s ultrasound photo

caleb 3p 

jordan after the ultrasound


jordan with his birthday cupcake


belly pic from yesterday 22 weeks 5 days