Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wal-mart Insanity

Wal-mart totally freaked me out tonight, i now have beef with them. JAS's bouncy chair was starting to act funny (the vibration was going all wacky) so i decided to take it back and while i was there take back the unopened pack of luvs that i have. i got there and waited in line for like 15 mins to get to the service desk, when i got up there she scanned the diapers and said that they didn't come from wal-mart therefore they couldn't take them back (c'mon this is wal-mart! they take everything back!!) so i just exchanged the seat and put the diapers back in my cart and headed to the back of wal-mart to get the diapers i needed, the bouncy seat and formula. while i was back there i decided to look at the bottle stuff, now wal-mart doesn't carry the type of bottles i use so i was very surprised to see a 3 pack of my bottles on the bottom shelf with one of those stickers on it that shows they added it to the system (and they wouldn't take my diapers...assholes) then i went over and grabbed the new chair and started hunting for formula. now i saw a half aisle of liquid formula but couldn't for the life of me figure out where the powder formula was hiding. when i asked someone i found out that the keep it behind register 23, YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR IT. now what dumbfounded me about the formula was that if they were trying to avoid theft wouldn't it have been better to put the liquid back there? the liquid is more expensive!!! at least put both types back there....that would deter theft even more but NOOOO wal-mart is insane. luckily i didn't have any problems leaving with the diapers that i had come in with.. that would have really pissed me off :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

11lbs 5 oz

Dr put him on rice cereal but its been real trial and error so we finally switched him to oatmeal cereal and he seems to be doing pretty good on that. JAS pooped all by himself this morning, its such a great relief to me (and to him too id imagine :P) i hope it continues. A happy baby makes a happy mom :)

My doc gave me a clean bill of health when i had my appointment on V-day, after my first post pregnancy nookie i realized how paranoid i am of getting pregnant again. im definitely getting on some time of long term birth control. JAS is soooo high maintenance that i don't think i could handle another little one right now.

Josh's birthday is on Saturday, im not sure if we're doing anything or not it depends on if dad and A will watch him overnight. id love to go see a movie or eat or something. He's turning the big 25 and mentioned that the only thing he'd really planned is insurance shopping (how boring :|)