Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching up (again)

lets see….you heard from me when?? LOL! Halloween went ok…..c had a mild FPIES reaction to something he got into up north. had mike, heather and the kids over for trick or treating…the mosquitos were TERRIBLE!! Thanksgiving was alright, went over to the inlaws for a while and then to mike and heathers for dinner. c’s allergist appointment went ok…they said to just stay on the formula and give him the foods he can have and reevaluate in 6 months. I feel so terrible for him, wish there was something I can do but I know its just something we will have to live with until he grows out of it. he has has more than a few reactions in the last few months. now that he is finally walking its harder for us to keep the food away from him. we had our typical christmases with our cousin tina and then the inlaws. we also cooked here christmas eve and had several people over. it went really well! j’s birthday had a decent turnout and we had a really good time. josh and I’s 6 year anniversary is coming up, not sure what we are going to do. anyway, that’s the short overview of the last several months.











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